Friday, October 23, 2009

Willy and the Foreigner

Once again Willy has experienced the ultimate in Computer Technical support. However, this time the end results were better than before.

For a technical issue Willy called support. Willy got someone on the line the Willy struggled to communicate with. Now understand that Willy don't talk the best english in the world and when that gets mixed with some little ol' gal that speaks broken Phillipino english - the walls of communication come tumbling down like the tumble bug outside Willy's old outhouse.

Be clear, Willy has no problem with other races or nationalities. What Willy has trouble with is people that Willy cant understand.

Frustration set in. Willy asked for the first supervisor. Frustration came again.

Willy cleverly asked (just for Willy's own satisfaction) "what town do you see when you look out your window" "Computer global headquarters" was the answer.

NO Willy asked - look out your window what do you see "A Cow" was the answer again in broken english. Willy really got frustrated then and asked for complaint headquarters.

In a few minutes Willy had moved from the Phillipines to Canada. Yes a person speaking very good english. This person quickly said he was not technical but in complaint management.

He explained why Willy was wrong. He explained that Willy did not receive to have his computer fixed.

He then explained that because his company was really great that he was going to allow me to have my computer fixed at no charge - shipping and all.

It is amazing what Willy can get across to someone when Willy can understand their english.

10-4 Willy

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