Monday, October 12, 2009

Willy's - Designing Daughter - Jewelry Designs.

Willy's daughter has always been artistic.  When younger she would draw or design something.  

She is now back designing one of a kind Jewelry that she will soon be marketing.  She is just looking for the right local niche to market the designs.  Below is one of her newer sets. - Necklace - ear rings - bracelet.   

Any ideas would be passed along - Probably not wanting an internet marketing - just ways to get into local shops or sell one on one.  
Check it out. 10-4 Willy



Sandee said...

They are very pretty Willy. Your daughter is indeed talented. I wouldn't have a clue how to market them though. Never did anything like that before. Hopefully someone will come by with a great idea or two.

Have a terrific day. :)

Jen said...

Willy, have her check out little shops, ma and pop types. Especially where the teens shop or older ladies, both crowds like handmade items.

If she wants any more advice, you can contact me. I sell handmade items also.

If she's interested in selling online, I'd be willing to help with marketing and stuff.

Her pieces are beautiful.

Glynis said...

She is talented indeed! How about putting them in your sidebar with a price and paypal purchase button. Also try a local craft shop and sell on commission.

Jen said...

Have her personally walk into the shops she is interested in selling them in. I used to own a shop and found some of the best merchandise to carry this way, it also adds that personal touch.

Henrietta TheMentoringMom said...

Those are very very lovely. is a nice little website where people pay for quality hand made items. Its well worth it to list there. it cost like 20cents for 3 months and there are no hosting fees or high fees like ebay has. They charge less than 4% on items that sell for a final value fee. She can take custom orders to if she likes to do that sort of thing. It might be worth checking into.