Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Willy says the Past is Past -

Willy guesses no one got what he was referring to in his Rant "Willy Blames the Past"
Willy expected someone like Shinade to comment on it.

Guess Willy was to vague for the great Liberal Crowd - Willy was using Juanita to represent Obama.

The past is past and we need to work on the future without worrying about blaming the past.

10-4 Willy


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Wow Willy, Thanks for this linky love and this post!

But honest to God I have no clue what made you think anything was wrong.

I love you Willy, always have!! I just now scrolled down and read the joke. It's cute!!

Happy day,

Shinade aka Jackie said...

You really have me baffled Willy. I am reading and reading and still just don't get it.

First off, Juanita was my sister-in-law and she died last Friday. I never dreamed you were referring to that Juanita. Were you?

As for The Great Liberal Crowd I am still baffled.

I have likes and dislikes from all politicians on all sides.

Oh well, I am confused and that is a normal state of mind. So now that I have hit your Adgi button I am moving on!!

Have a terrific day Willy!

Hillbilly Willy said...

Jackie -Willy lost focus - Juanita is a fictitious owner of the Roadkill cantina ans saloon.

Willy loves Jackie too - Willy is not sure that he even understood where he was going -

Sometimes Willy's 10-4 should be 10-26

10-4 Willy

Shinade aka Jackie said...

LMBO...Oh Willy...I lost it!! Oh I love you I truly do!!

LOL...happy day!

40 Roger!