Sunday, October 04, 2009

Willy Blames the past!

Willy still blames Juanita down at the diner because she spilled drink on him his favorite pair of pants three years ago.  Every time Willy puts on the pants or thinks about the pants - he goes back and blames Juanita.

Willy took the pants to the cleaners and they could not get the stain out.  They are what Willy sees and thinks about often.  It must still be Juanita's fault cause the stain is still there.

Willy saw that a new cleaners company came to town and they promised that they would get the stain out of the pants in short time.  Willy took the pants to the new cleaners and they put stuff on the pants and promised in a short time the stain would go away.  The stain is still there - it is still Juanita's fault.

Willy is going to blame Juanita forever -

When will Willy take responsibility because he can't give up blaming Juanita - When will the pants get clean.  It will be when someone comes to town that can really change how we do cleaning and quits worrying about the fact that Juanita spilled the drink and finds out what it takes to really take the stain out.

10-4 Willy

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