Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger and Sex Therapy - How do you think it works?

Willy been thinking about this sex therapy thing that Tiger Woods is supposed to be involved in. (picture is what Willy thought Tiger might look like because of the Therapy)

Willy hasn't asked any of the professionals but Willy thinks maybe this sex therapy works in one of two ways.

When you go to sex therapy, they make you have sex until you go blind. Then you can go home back to the beautiful wife you remember. When great looking other gals are around you can't see how beautiful they are. What you do not see does not tempt you. THEREFORE YOU ARE CURED!

When you go to sex therapy, they attach electrodes to certain parts of your body which are activated by your brain. The electrodes are programmed to go off when you have sexual thoughts about someone other than your wife. They then parade naked women in front of you for hours on end. The electrodes go off each time you see these ladies until your brain can't take it any more. THEREFORE YOU ARE CURED OR FRIED.

Those are Willy's thoughts - maybe you have some thoughts - Leave your comments.

10-4 Willy

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Sandee said...

Willy is silly. Bwhahahahahahaha. :)