Monday, February 08, 2010

Watch Willy's Bills Shrink with BillShrink!

Willy likes options and opportunities. Willy is now looking at the option and opportunity that is presented here. Willy understands that there are many of options available but Willy has a hard time sorting through all of these options. So Willy is looking at ways to save money.

The main things that Willy wants to save money on is three things:
Gas prices
Cell phone plans and
business credit cards

But as Willy said where do you start looking at all of these options. They will make Willy go crazy unless there is a place to look that helps sort all of this out. Well, Willy has found such a place!

BillShrink is the place. It puts technology to work by scanning millions of data points and constantly re-calculating your usage and needs against all the possible product combinations. Simply put, they’ve gone to all the trouble so you don’t have to

How good is that for Willy. Willy can find out what he needs to know in each of these areas to save money but let someone else do the work. Willy is not lazy but Willy knows that he can spend more time now watching NASCAR rather than searching for these savings.

Willy thinks everyone should check this out.

10-4 Willy

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