Friday, January 07, 2011

Pouring some thought into the 17000 Sugar Bowl

Willy using one of those Brilliant guest posts today.  
Thanks for the article from Glenda Hanson

We haven't been to New Orleans since the Red Cross volunteering we did about three months after Katrina. Since then I think the city has recovered some and I'm glad for it. We decided that since Ohio State was playing in this year's Sugar Bowl, we would made the drive over from Burmingham and stay with some friends we made during our volunteer work. Tom thinks that we should set the home alarm (online offer ADT) before heading out and I am in agreement. Going to a college football bowl game every season has been one of our favorite Winter pastimes. The 17000 Sugar Bowl featuring Ohio State and Arkansas will be the only one we catch this year but we'll be able to see our favorite college player, Terrelle Pryor. Tom has been following the news on him since he was a high school senior and has always raved that he could have gone pro right out of high school. I tend to disagree because the NFL defensive lineman are enormous! We think he'll have a fine career and winning another college football bowl game will add to his pedigree. The people we are staying the whole week are fine family who have a gorgeous four bedroom, plantation style house. They were kind enough to host us for the whole month that we did our volunteer work.

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