Sunday, January 30, 2011

Willy had a Dream!

No Willy's dream was not like Martin Luther King.  Willy's dream was strange.  Willy cannot figure out why this dream came up.  However, let Willy give those that are not familar with a couple of news stories a quick background.

Around the end of the year there were two stories that were big here in the Arkansas area.  The first was a story where thousands of blackbirds were found dead over a certain area with no real reason obvious.  Well, after several weeks of studies by the experts and many theory's by end of the world prognosticators,  the final answer by the experts was blunt force trauma.  Yes, they said that possibly fireworks from year end celebrations scared the birds and they ran into something and it killed them.    Wow, sounds like a good answer to Willy.

The next story was at about the same time.  Along the Arkansas River thousand of fish were found dead on the banks.  No explanation has been given yet for this one.

Willy's dream.........short and sweet.  In the dream the fish began flying up in the air.  The birds ran into the fish.  The fish crashed to the ground along the river.  The birds flew in a dizzy pattern for a few miles when the blunt force trauma from hitting the fish overcame them and they all fell dead over a 5 mile area.

Sounds reasonable to Willy --- Why does a great dream like that come about.  Maybe Willy is a little crazy.


Sandee said...

Willy is not crazy, but dreams can often be crazy. There are things that just make no sense. The birds and the fish just don't make sense. I like your theory though. It could happen.

Have a great day Willy. :)

Traveling Bells said...

Makes as much sense as the original diagnosis:)