Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Montana Tractors

Springdale, AR -----Montana Tractors has announced its acquisition of 80 acres of land in Tarboro, North Carolina. This purchase further develops Montana's strategic plan for distribution of tractors in the Eastern United States.
Montana Tractors is headquartered in Springdale, Arkansas and currently distributes all Montana products from that central location. Montana Tractors' officials made theannouncement at the First Annual North American Dealers Meeting and Expo, January 5th-7th.
Montana also introduces numerous new products including a line of 70 horsepower Tractors, and the new Subcompact Montana Tractors, in the 23-27 horsepower range.
Montana Tractors has also entered into a letter of intent to purchase a minority stake in Beaver Creek Holdings, LLC which holds 51% of Farmtrac stock. The agreement, pending approval by the Beaver Creek Board of Directors, furthers Montana Tractors' long-range growth strategy. The ownershipof Montana Tractors issued this statement regarding the pending purchase: "This fits into our plans to be one of the top five tractor suppliers in the USA in our horsepower range 20-100 hp, by the year 2010." Montana Tractors is owned by J.B. Hunt, Charlie Goforth and Dan Downing. Hunt, Goforth and Downing "are excited about the possibilities this brings for Montana and our valued dealers."Montana Tractors assembles and distributes tractors in the 27-70 horsepower range across North America through nearly 300 dealers.
The owners credit the company's success to great dealers, great products, and a great teamof outstanding employees.

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Farmer Jones said...

Montana tractors are the coming thing. Glad to see people recognizing this.