Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bargains On Ebay - Willy says Here's How!

Willy says: this is what I like about Blogging. This Blog is Willy's and Willy can write about anything that Willy wants to write about. One day Willy may be taking out frustrations about politics, the next minute Willy may be passing on a funny and then Willy might just have the chance to pass on a great opportunity or idea to others. That is what Willy is blogging about today. It is called Ebay Typos.

Willy has bought and sold on Ebay now for about 5 years. When Willy is trying to buy on Ebay, Willy feels real good when he can find that great deal. Willy likes to buy cheap and sell High!

Well guess what? Willy has found a website called Ebay Typos.

Go to Ebay Typos and just put in the item you are looking for on ebay, and will produce all the typos available on ebay, along with a list of all misspelled items currently available for sale. Willy says 10-4 and WOW

Willy says do you know what this means? You will probably find things for sale that only a few people are seeing. What a way to save money on ebay, find desired items no one else can find. Simply because people are misspelling their descriptions. That is what Ebay Typos is all about.

Willy says that this can make you money other ways too. Just think by going to Ebay Typos and checking typing in the names of things that you are going to sell on ebay. You can make sure that you don't misspell or make typos on any of your words. This way Ebay Typos has kept you from being a victiom of selling too cheap on ebay because nobody can find your items.

Willy says thank you Ebay Typos for allowing me to tell the world about this site.

There is no compensation being paid for this promotion.

10-4 Willy

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