Saturday, January 13, 2007

Life is Supposed to Be Fun

I took on this blogger identity of Hillbilly-Willy because I moved from a place in Texas where life seemed to be fast paced and hectic to a place in the Hill Country of Arkansas where there seemed to be many people with a different lifestyle.

There were things that seemed to be unique to what I called the Hillbilly lifestyle (call it what you will). Those things were:

  • You move at a slower pace - move out of my way Willy - I got to get somewhere was not something that you heard often - after you get off of the interstate.
  • You talk more about fishing & hunting - Did you go fishing yesterday? Did you see that big buck that LeRoys kid killed over in the holler.
  • Family seems to be more important - is that yo're sister Willy - Yea! She ain't much of a wife though (just a joke)
  • Cars and racing are a way of life- Willy-did ya see that Nascar race yesterday? Yea - but I still miss ole number 3 being on the track. You think your 43 Willis Jeep can beat my 51 Ford Pickup? Maybe - but I got the engine hanging in the tree in the front yard - I'll get er back in next week and we'll try.
  • Your home is definetly your castle- Willy- you got a long neck beer with you? Yea -just a minute - let me go into the double wide and see if it has brewed yet.
  • You grow your substance - Willy- you got anything growing in your garden - Yea- but it aint ready to smoke yet- Let me show you - Be sure and step around that smelly stuff cooking there - it aint ready yet either. Hope it dont blow up my house.

All kidding a side. The above is a lot what people think. However, most of us get so caught up in our busy lifestyle that all we do is go to work - go home - and do it all over again tomorrow. Maybe we need to slow down and fish a little more. Go hunting in the spring and be more concerned about being in the wild than getting the wild things that we think we have to own.

Maybe there are things more important than a new car - a large house - a nice watch. Hang on Willy - maybe we need to slow down a little and make life more fun.

Thats all for now.

10-4 Willy

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