Saturday, January 27, 2007

Sponsor This Site

I enjoy writing, adding country and hunting recipes, and blogging about agriculture and the country way of life. However, to support my habit I have to work some things on this site such as advertising. This helps pay for the time, effort etc of keeping this up.

If someone wanted exclusive rights to the advertising for a month at a time or for longer, this could be arranged. Notice what I have done with Montana Tractors. If the company were to feed me info to put on the site, I could work this into a blog and really support their efforts.

I am beginning to gain readership and with the massive search engines, we could try to work it so that when people searched the word tractor or Montana, this site might pop in to the search engine. The words Hillbilly might intrigue them to pull it up and read about the product.

Of course the above is just an example.

The power of the blog in advertising is just being realized.

If you have any interest in this please email Hillbilly Willy by clicking here

Please put in the subject line Hillbilly blog advertising. This will keep me from trashing the email as spam.

It might help to know that I have been the VP of Technology in a large business, I have a masters degree in business, I have over 20 years of lending experience and I have a minor degree in English. Put this talent to work for you.

I also have a major blog on Agriculture. That could be worked into this also.
10-4 Willy

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