Friday, March 09, 2007

Willy and the Goats - Houston Livestock Show

Willy done took him a three day vacation this week. Willy done went to Hoouston Texas. Willy had some friends with kids showing goats in the Hoouston Livestock show!

Well, Willy done made arrangements with plane tickets and everything to get there on Tuesday, and what should happen but Monday night Willy gets a serious call from his friends. The call went something like this:

Friend: Willy - We done stopped to eat in this here big A*# town and when we come out our big ole truck and trailer is done gone. Someone done stole our truck and our goats. Willy - we were only here 45 minutes - what do you think? The trailer had our goats and 6 others in it.

Willy: Somebody done gone to have them a big ole Hillbilly BBQ this weekend. Thats what Willy Thinks.

Friend: Dont guess Willy and the missus is going to come to Hoouston if we dont got nothing to show. We done real stunned Willy - Got to go - call you in the morning.

Well Willy done discuss this with the little lady and the answer is - we getting out of town and goin to Hoouston whether anybody we know there are not. Willy done got plane and motel reservations that are none refundablel. - Willy and the missus is getting out of dodge.

Next morning at 9:00 a.m. Willy done get a call:

Friend: Willy - we done found the goats - some wetbacks was the ones that stole the truck and they took all our electronic toys (you see friend of Willy's done has plenty of DVD's and Gadgets and everything ----except an alarm for the truck) ....but Willy - the goats are still there --- no BBq this weekend. ---They a little hungry ---18 hours without food but we going to show Willy - Come on down!

Willy: 10-4 Good Buddy - Willy be on the plane this afternoon.

Well Willy and the little lady goes to Hoouston. We spend lots of time walking and in the goat barn. Wow - smells good in there. We has a good time and now we home.

What's for supper baby! Thats what Willy says every evening...

We going to have a little BBQ from Bubba's Billy Goat BBQ Hut - you want chopped or sliced goat she done asked.

Willy got to go!

10-4 Willy

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