Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Car Connection and You!

Maybe a new car for Christmas would be nice.  Willy is always dreaming about new cars.  Willy likes cars and is always shopping and studying to decide which car on the market might be the best next car for him.  Do you ever have dreams about driving down the interstate in something like a BMW X6-Series.  Did you look sharp heading down the road.  Nice dream wasn’t it.

Well, some other cars that you might want to dream about are the Honda Cr-Z.  You might find that this vehicle is more to your liking.  If not the Honda then what about dreaming about a Volkswagen Eos.  Yes, this is a popular vehicle but many people are not familiar with this vehicle.  That is where the research comes in.  You may want to do some online research to find out more info about this car and many more. 

That means a good site to explore might be the Car Connection.  You should be able to find out what you would like to know there.  Check it out.

10-4 Willy


Sandee said...

I'm a Mercedes kind of gal Willy. Well if there is a BMW then there must be a Mercedes.

Have a terrific day. :)

DrillerAA09 said...

A Nissan GT-R would be my car of choice, but I'd settle for a 370Z. I still have fond memories of my 240Z. Those were the days.

Jackie said...

I just saw a brand new burgundy colored Cadillac and I want that. I do like BMW's and Mercedes too.

For now we are stuck with our Chevy pick up!!

Merry Christmas Willy!