Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Willy the Book Publisher

Willy is trying something new.  In researching the new Kindle that Willy bought for his wife for Christmas, Willy discovered that a book for Kindle does not have to have all of the beautiful hardcovers and the illustrations, it is best just to have content.

Willy realized that he had a lot of recipes that  had been accumulated over the past few years along with a little humor to go with them.  All Willy had to do was get these in an acceptable form and he could publish a book. 

This lead Willy to Publishing Kindle books under Hillbilly Willy Productions.   The first two books are Hillbilly Willy Smoking Meat Course and Hillbilly Willys Deserts.

If you have a Kindle and are interested in a couple of short books that you can put on your Kindle and have available then check these out.

Willy would appreciate it.

1—4 Willy

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