Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Redneck Christmas - What to give

Willy is always pondering this time of the year as to what to give to the wife and kids for Christmas.  Willy went down to Juanita's Roadkill Grill and Cantina to get a few hints from Juanita and went away without much help.

Juanita could not focus on what I wanted to give the wife for trying to convince Willy to let the Grill cook Christmas Lunch.  Juanita had seen Willy's post about Figgy Pudding and was convinced that it was Willy's head that was a little Figgy.  What ever that means.  Juanita wants Willy to come to the Grill and pickup her possum stew and deer chili for Christmas.  She said she could throw in some Elk steaks but that would cost Willy more than he is willing to pay. 

Back to Christmas.  Juanita's only suggestion for Mrs Willy was a camouflage Snuggle but Willy has already gotten her a Razorback Snuggle and she has never used it.  So Willy is still searching for that perfect gift for Mrs. Willy.

Anyone with a suggestion let Willy know.  Time is growing near.

10-4 Willy

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Sandee said...

I say ask your wife what she wants. It's much safer. Love Juanita's Christmas dinner. Bwahahahahaha. I also love your Christmas tree. Now that's redneck 100%.

Have a terrific day Willy. :)