Friday, March 04, 2011

Ilchi Lee–Willy and Brain Power.

Willy is a person who believes in great brain power.  Willy believes that there are certain in this world that have developed the exercise and training for the brain that will help Willy to develop that part of his body just as a physical trainer helps Willy to develop his biceps or leg muscles.  Do you believe in this.  If you don’t or if you do, just listen to what Willy has to say about it.
One of those from the healing society that is great on this subject is ilchi lee.  Who is this ilchi lee you ask?  Well, Willy has found that he is the developer of Brain Respiration.  Yes, this was created by Ilchi Lee and it is a scientific system of developing the full potential of the human brain.  They say that through integrated mental and physical exercises the brain is developed. It is said that this combines ancient Eastern philosophy with modern scientific methods to elevate human awareness.
All of this sounds real deep to Willy but if it is something that makes Willy’s brain and possibly body to stay alive and vibrant as Willy ages, then Willy might just try this.
Are you willing to step outside your little box to discover how you can make brain power that will make you a better person and stay sharp and bright?  If so you might want to check this out.
10-4 Willy

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