Monday, March 14, 2011


Willy has always wanted to coach basketball.  Willy is 5ft 9 inches tall, has trouble walking and chewing gum and is not as athletically inclined as he would like to be, but Willy thinks he can coach.

Willy would try real hard to make sure his players at the University of Arkansas went to class.  Willy would make sure that his players could talk to the press without saying "you know" 37 times in one minute.

Willy would have players being polite and courteous.  Willy would have the players out in the community and doing good things.  Willy would have his players staying out of trouble with the law.

Oh yes!  Willy would have his players winning games and making fans want to come to games and pay money for tickets and popcorn and hot dogs.

Willy would take his $600,000 per year to the bank for about three years and then Willy would go fishing.

10-4 Willy

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Traveling Bells said...

Willy has the same ideals that the TBs have. Sigh...