Saturday, March 05, 2011

Willy needs an Above Ground Pool!

From day one of Willy’s marriage some type of swimming pool has been on Willy and Mrs. Willy’s mind.  Willy has always wanted but in early life could not afford a pool.  This need and want had gone away until just recently and it has now resurfaced.

Just the other night Mrs. Willy saw an advertisement on television about above ground pools that were designed smaller and for exercise purposes.  That sounds just like what Willy might want at this point in his life.  A large, great and wonderful pool would be nice and that is something that many people might want.  However, right now Willy would like to have an above ground pool that would be relaxing to use but that would possibly have minimum upkeep.  Willy is sure that the right pool is out there and as always Willy knows where to look.

Just like everything today, Willy goes to the internet and searches for that things that he desires right now.  That thing is a pool and Willy is searching high and low on the internet for that right company. Can you guess who Willy has found?  Yes, a company that is at seems to have what Willy might want. 

That is what is happening today.   10-4 Willy

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