Sunday, March 06, 2011

SMC– Check Them out!

Ok, Willy has heard of SMC forever and has often thought about setting up a company to use their marketing to make money.  Willy believes that they have a good plan and a good way that almost anyone can make money.  Willy guesses that you have heard of SMC also and that you know that it is a great company and a good plan. 

So, why are their those few smc complaints that are out there.  Is there a smc scam out there are is there just people complaining because they are not cut out for the game plan that they got themselves into.  Willy’s guess is that the issue is that the people were not cut out to be business people and they are complaining because they just can’t do it like it really should be done.  This then means that they want to blame the smc corp rather than blame themselves for their lack of business knowledge and virtually their own success.

What Willy is saying is that this is a good company and these few complaints should not affect someone’s decision as to whether or not to undertake this as a business venture that will probably turn out very good. 

Willy’s thoughts are done.  10-4 Willy

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