Saturday, February 07, 2009

MEGA Brands Kid Zone

Hillbilly Willy is a kid at heart. What do kids like to do more than anything these days? Yes, that is right. Kids like to play games. Well, through SocialSpark Willy found out about this awesome game site.

What is this awesome game site you ask Willy. Well, that site is MEGA Brands Kids Zone.

What is so great about it you ask. Well let Willy tell you what it has. It has MegaNext Virtual, NeoShifters, Resistance, Treasure of the Lord Pyrate and many more games.

Please don't tell anyone but Willy played a couple of these games and they are somewhat fantastic in graphics and active participation.

Sorry, Willy was sidetracked for a second.

Well, something else available is that there are videos on the games, wallpapers, pictures and contests.

Willy apologizes if he sounds a little excited. Willy child has grown up and left home but Willy is not totally grown up yet. Maybe you will want to come on over and check out this site.

Willy thinks it is pretty amazing. You might think so too!

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