Monday, February 09, 2009

Seamless Compassion

Willy is considering the merits of these next words that he writes. This has not had as much research as Willy would like to put into something but this sounds alright on the surface.

The thing that Willy is talking about is the idea that Seamless Compassion can help Americans get the help they need.

Sounds like a grand idea doesn't it. Well Willy believes it is a great ides.

You know how it is today. There are so many layoffs that we read about each day that it will almost scare you to death. "Am I next" is a question that goes through most peoples mind.

Yes there is a national recession in this world today and it is not fiction - it is reality. Our friends and neighbors all around us are ll beginning to have to worry about things such as feeding their kids and family and how to best protect each and everyone that they love. Many people who would have never thought about food stamps or unemployment lines are using the stamps and standing in line. It is a sad economy that we are in!

Yes and as these friends and family apply for and stand in the long lines for the food stamps and the unemployment they will probably find the the paperwork is very confusing and that decisions are always delayed for days and weeks. This then leads back to the fact that there are tough choices that have to be made when it comes to feeding and protecting our loved ones.

What can be done about it. That is where the idea presented at this website comes in to play. Their cause and idea is to
make easier work of the application process for for these varied benefits.

What is good about that is that it isn't just the idea that it is helping families in need but the extended idea that is stimulating this nations economy.

Helping families and helping the economy is a great idea that will work with this knowledge gained from this website.

Yes stimulating the economy through the Food Stamp Program - a program referred to as SNAP can easily be underestimated. Many people wonder it helps the economy at all. Well the facts are that each $1 if food stamps that is spent generates $1.73 in local economic activity. "
Moody’s, Mark Zandi, Economist

Again that is where there is the fortunate opportunity of having a solution such as Seamless Compassion. They understand that there is a challenge in America and they are there to help.

This group is made up of many non-profit organizations and community-based organizations. Seamless Compassion can help those in need apply for the benefits programs that they deserve and can do this through outreach programs that are efficient. These can be done through web-based solutions that are driven and aided by an interview process.

Yes, this interview process is much like one that you might have in many of the poplular computer based income tax programs. This interview allows the benefit seeker who might be familiar with that process to be more at eased and to go through the sign up with more ease.

This process can be completed simply by having an internet access and filling out the interview process prior to going to their county office. When they arrive they can have the information available and the pain of the process is eased.

This then helps maintain the self respect through maintaining the ability to feed their children.

What a great idea.

If you have a need or would like to find out more about Seamless Compassion, go visit Seamless Compassion dot com.

All that Willy can say is that each and everyone of us have the God Given responsibility to help others. Maybe each of us should look at this opportunity and see what we think about it.

It it is something that you think is ok then you should support and think about what they say. If you are not sure about it, do some more reseearch and find out for yourself.

Willy is checking it out and would encourage others to do so also.

10-4 Willy

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