Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Please Find Willy!

Well, Willy made it one day without anyone guessing where he is at. Mind of a Mom must be sleeping.

Or maybe Sherry is not watching. Or maybe Willy's clues are terrible.

Willy is thinking it is Christmas and is caroling to his hearts content. Hope he doesn't cave in and give it away to easy.

Again the River is White and there is blue grass all around. Bet the view from the mountain is great.

Where is Willy.

10-4 Willy


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Pigeon Forge Tennessee?

Have a great day Willy. :)

Sherry said...

Well, Willy, I've just gotten The Dawg out of the hospital tonight after a six-day stay and a real scare, so I haven't been on line much -- and not so alert when I've been on line. I'll have to do some head-scratching on this one.

Sherry said...

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky?
White River, Colorado?

Sherry said...

Well, Willy, if the two previous guesses (Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and White River in Colorado) aren't correct, perhaps you're in the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina & Tennessee where there is great whitewater rafting.
I've got to quit guessing so I can get some work done. :)

BIBI said...

Well, you know I am terrible at this so I'm going to say the Blue Ridge Mountains?