Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MyHeartWill - Willy just Saying!

My Heart Will yearn for my True love - Mrs Willy and I can keep all of the memorabilia about this.

My Heart Will Personal Page will allow me to do that online. What you scream! My Heart Will is a place to store your memories for future generations I yell back. Why are we yelling. This is a sensitive subject.

What a novel idea. Willy has great memories, ideas written down,
heart felt poetry and just plain important papers to Willy and his generations to come. Why not get all of those stored on line. What is more Willy can store important future notes for loved ones to be delivered long after Willy is gone. That is a little spooky but somewhat of a great idea.

Just think Willy could still tell someone he loved them on their
birthday in years to come. Willy could store poems and notes and thoughts for his family generations from now. Willy might just have to look into this. Even though Willy is a tough redneck and might live forever it is obvious that Willy also has memorabilia that should live on forever also.

Willy can do that with

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Sandee said...

That's pretty cool Willy. Pretty cool indeed.

Have a terrific day. :)