Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Renting or Moving - Willy's Experience!

Willy is no longer in the market for renting. Willy now owns his home. However, there was many years that Willy rented and Willy knows about renting apartments, homes, condos and about any other thing that you can rent. Willy is fortunate that Willy never had to rent a cardboard box to live in. Wait a minute that one apartment was the size of a cardboard box.

But Willy digresses. What Willy wants to say is that home renting or renting of a apartments
takes on a skill that can be aided by knowledge. That knowledge can be gained by reading peoples comments like Willy and by going to places on the internet that have great expertise in renting and moving.

Willy has found a whole new skill in things like picking a neighborhood to selecting the right complex to reading the fine print on lease agreements and even tips on moving.

Willy even had the experience to have to deal with a landlord about a unique plumbing problem in his early days. Yes, Willy was renting his first house in his first year of wonderful marriage which could have ended suddenly with this incident.

Willy was in the new rent house one evening with his wife taking a wonderful shower in the small bathroom of this one bathroom rent house. Willy had to take care of some necessary business. When the toilet flushed the remains of the toilet began to bubble up in the shower. Willy's wife was not happy and it could have gotten serious right there.

Willy called the landlord and the landlord, cheap as she was, saw Willy's predicament and came to the rescue. Willy was concerned because the lease did not read that the landlord would fix plumbing etc.

Well Willy survived and Willy is still married 31 years later.

So what Willy is saying is that knowledge is king. Get all of the knowledge that you can.

10-4 Willy

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Sandee said...

Knowledge has always been king Willy. This exact thing has happened to just about everyone. Sure has with me.

Have a terrific day. :)