Monday, January 25, 2010

Think Mr. President - stop spending!

Willy has some answers for the Newsweek article "The Trouble with Barack Obama" Here is what they say:

Obama is accused of being too radical, but he's been governing from the middle for a year. So why all the anger? Because he's leading with his head, not his heart.

Willy thinks the problem is that his brain is not so useful as it is full of Liberal ideas such as a health care system that is ran by the government or the idea that the government should spend trillions of dollars to keep big business from failing.

The problem Mr. President is that you are not listening to the people that put you where you are at.

Ask the people Mr. President what you should do. Listen to the majority.

We are in a mess Mr. President and you got us there. Mr. Bush as ignorant as many thought he was knew better than to over spend by trillions of dollars.

10-4 help us -- Willy

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