Saturday, January 23, 2010

President gets Cocky

President Obama seems to be trying to throw his weight around a little more lately, especially since Brown won his race. This to Willy is a sign of someone who is trying to mask their inner fear with outward cockiness.

Mr. President - get over it. Your honeymoon is over and it cost the American People trillions of dollars. How can we ever recover from all of the bailout money?

Willy says - somebody out there help us. Keep the ball rolling!

10-4 Willy

1 comment:

Skunkfeathers said...

Thanks fer droppin' by an' sittin' a spell ;)

Can't speak for the rest of 'em, but I have a long memory and an itchy votin' fanger at the ballot box, and it ain't into votin' fer mules, shore 'nuff.

November '10...let's get ready to rummmmmmmmmmmmblllllllllllle! *the sound y'all be hearin' is Democraps gettin' tossed on their keisters*