Sunday, January 24, 2010

Willy Dreams of the National Finals Rodeo

Tickets to the 2010 NFR Rodeo are on sale now. Willy read that the other night and that simple statement must have been what brought on Willy's dream.

Yes, Willy had a strange dream. Willy was a great Rodeo announcer and Willy had bought his Tickets to the 2010 NFR Rodeo a few days earlier to attend the great rodeo in Las Vegas. Well, in Willy's dream he had the best seat in the house. For you see Willy was not only the greatest Rodeo announcer who had been invited to announce the National Finals Rodeo but the ticket that Willy had bought (why does the announcer have to buy a ticket?) was sitting on a horse in the middle of the arena.

Yes, there was Willy with the best view in the house because it was smack dab in the middle of the arena on a horse with a microphone in his hand. How strange is that? Well, what was even crazier was the fact that the next event was the bull riding.

Willy is sitting on his horse in the middle of the arena when the biggest, maddest, blackest bull ever came out of the shoot without a cowboy riding it. The bull heads toward Willy sitting on the horse and runs right under Willy and his horse. Fade to next scene in the dream with Willy sitting on a docile bull in the middle of the arena announcing the rest of the rodeo. For you see the greatest announcer during the greatest rodeo could not keep the show from going on.

Well, it was just a dream but maybe it tells you how much Willy might think of the National Finals Rodeo and how much fun Willy thinks it might be to have the greatest seat in the house for that great event.

Well as you know you can get great seats at great prices if you hurry and get your Tickets to the 2010 NFR Rodeo

Willy says a big 10-4 to that.

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