Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Willy Remembers Slow Internet

Willy wishes back over time that he had the brilliance that he has now. Well, the brilliance part might be debatable, but Willy does learn something everyday that he wishes he had known a few years ago.

One of those things that Willy wishes had been available a few years ago was satellite internet service providers because this would have made Willy a much happier man. Yes, Willy was in rural Arkansas with a great "DIAL UP" connection. Most of you know what that means. To Willy it meant that Willy could post a great picture on the internet by hitting the upload button and then going and eating supper only to come back and wait another 10 minutes to get finished.

It was about that time that Willy thought that he was a skilled Website builder and offered to work with a small town to build its internet presence. Well, Willy took on the job with pride. Willy built this great looking website with many pictures and great information. Willy declared to the powers of the town that the website would be ready the next day. All Willy had left to do was upload the site and go live. Well about three days later when all of the pictures had still not uploaded, Willy had to declare his ignorance of upload speed due to the slow connection.

In short Willy felt a little silly declaring how great his skills were but did not even realize how slow it would be to get the site out the the World Wide Web. Oh satellite internet service providers where were you when Willy needed you.

Well, times are better and Willy has moved to where he has a cable connection but Willy thinks it would be wise for anyone to consider the idea to:

Lose the Dial-Up! Satellite High Speed Internet from Wild Blue is Here!

That is What Willy has to say about that.

10-4 Willy

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